Tomorrow’s Menu

This summer has been too busy.

I missed Memorial Day.
I missed the Fourth of July.
I missed Labor Day.

I missed my 2-year anniversary in China.

Tomorrow I’m celebrating….  I’m not sure.   Dad’s birthday?  Sure… that’s a good excuse to have friends over.

I’ll post pictures afterwards, but here’s the menu (so far)

  • Jambalaya!  This has been a big hit in the past.
  • Enchilladas.  This will be my first attempt to make them using ingredients available in China.  I don’t see any major problems–except that I may be restricted to Gouda as the only cheese I have available.  The local supermarket hasn’t restocked their Cheddar in a week.  I can only hope that there’s some there tomorrow.
  • Chips and Salsa.  Sorry, Mom.  I’m not using your recipe this time.  I did some research and found the most common ingredients and came up with my own non-cook recipe.  I only have 2 burners on the stove, so I have to prioritize what gets cooked.   I’ve made two batches of this recipe this week, and it’s pretty good.
  • Deviled Eggs (probably).  They’re cheap, easy to make (I have an egg cooker that does 7 at a time), and people here like them.
  • Mini pizzas (sort of).  If I take Indian flat-bread, put on marinara sauce, random toppings, and some cheese, then pop it in the toaster oven…. Pizza!
  • Garlic bread.  If I can get a baguette, I’ll slice it up with some garlic butter
  • Pseudo bruscetta (okay… spell-check hates that word).  If I feel up to it, I’ll take some baguette slices, toss on some random toppings, shred a little cheese on top and toast them.

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