This is China (Part 3 of ∞)

yi jiao
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Last week, I went to the c-store downstairs to get something (I can’t remember what), and when the cashier gave me change, I got one of these bills.  I couldn’t believe it.  I immediately asked for another (I’m going to send them home for Joey & Richie to add to their collection).    I took a photo with the pen to give an idea of the size. They’re slightly larger than a business card.

What you’re looking at is an yi jiao bill. “Yi” means “one”.  One jiao is 1/10 of a Yuan (essentially, a Chinese dime).  They have a “dime” bill!

But wait… It gets better.   The exchange rate between the yuan and the dollar is (currently) about 6.2:1.  That means each yuan is worth about $1.50.  That makes the jiao worth about 1.5¢

It’s a paper penny!

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