They’re All the Same

One of the things you’ll hear people say is “All those Asian people look alike”.  And… to a certain extent, that’s true.   Us midwesterners aren’t used to Asian features, so we tend to notice the “these people don’t look like us” stuff first–and not get past it.

While I was never at the point of “they all look exactly alike”, I did have a hard time getting past the “They all look Chinese” part.  🙂  After about two months, I became so used to Asian features, that I stopped seeing the Asian features, and was able to pay more attention to the individual features.

Now… they look just like us.  I look and I see the hillbilly, the diva, the gomer, the pretty boy, the sorority girl, etc.  And, of course, I see exactly how different all the individuals are (though I swear a couple of my guys are twins by different mothers).

Today on the way to work, a guy on a scooter drove by and it was really weird… My family will laugh at this, but what went through my mind when I saw him was: “If Uncle Mike had been born in China….”

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