Snow–Fer Real!

So, after my smart-ass post a couple days ago, we actually got snow last night.

The day started out raining, then as evening fell, so did the snow.  Big, fat, wet flakes.  And then the temperature fell, too.  Which, of course, meant ice.  Lots and lots of ice.  Traffic looked like it was going in slow motion.   Normally, the drivers around here have lead feet.   However, nobody here knows how to drive in snow or ice, so this morning they were very careful.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but most of the sidewalks in the city (both Taicang and Kunshan) aren’t cement.  They’re tile.  Nice, smooth tile.   Which, of course, became covered with ice.  Very clear ice.

I almost fell several times on the way in to work. The first time was  a nasty patch of black ice on a crosswalk.  The others were invisible ice on the tile sidewalk.

I took my camera along to work, and snapped a few shots on the way.   It’s not as impressive as the snow Lodi got, but hey… I got to see snow!

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