Oh Yeah… Work.

So, as Mom has pointed out, I haven’t really talked about work at all.  Yes, I do actually work.  My life isn’t just random food.  🙂

We don’t have fixed schedules at the school, so things are quite random.  The start and end of the work day are always the same, but what happens in between is anybody’s guess.  Each teacher is assigned between 3 and 5 classes a day, each class lasting 50 minutes.  Some of them are formal classes, others are just group discussion.

Classes are divided up 3 ways:  skill  level, size, and topic.  The beginning students all work with the Chinese teachers, so I don’t have  them in class.  I get mid-level and advanced students.

There are 3 sizes of classes, face-to-face classes (limited to 4 students) normal classes (not limited, but usually no more than 8), and group classes (not limited,  but usually no more than 12).

Finally there are the topics.  C (cultural), S (scholastic), and O (business).  Each week has a theme (this week it’s “Nature vs. Nurture”, last week it was “Extreme”).

You’re assigned your classes at the start of the week, you print out your lessons, and off you go.  Fairly straight-forward stuff.

Of course… with the advanced students, the official lesson can end rather quickly.  That’s when it’s time to veer off on tangents and just converse with them.  While there are some students who are shy and need to be prodded to join the conversations, most of my students enjoy interacting and talking.  That makes things a lot easier.

I’ll have to see if I can get photos of some of them to post here.   I don’t want to write anything specific about them until I know that it’s okay with them.

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