Major Changes

Look, Dad! Move-a-dirts!

Yes, I’m still alive.

A lot has happened over the past 2 months, and keeping this blog up-to-date hasn’t been on the top of my list.


First  of all, I got fired.  I won’t go into details here, but the school got some new management and became more focused on “following the new plan” than serving their clients’ needs.  I put a lot of effort into making sure the clients’ (students’) needs were being met.  I didn’t spend my time filing reports and “speaking with the company’s mouth”.  So, of course, I got fired.


I’m going to avoid talking about details in public.  Suffice it to say that changing jobs in China is complicated, and the job you left has alot of power over what happens  to you next.

The Long Wait

I was fired just before a week-long national holiday.  The paperwork I needed didn’t come until the day before the holiday started.  I needed a 30-day visitor visa in order to stay in the country.  The holiday ate up a week of it. The processing time ate up almost another week.

New Employment

During all of this, I was talking with a new company that wanted to hire me.  They helped me through all of the various hassles (too long and complex to list here) required to get legal work.  Technically, I ended up working illegally for them for a couple weeks.

I’ve always been sympathetic to illegal aliens who work valid jobs in America, but I have  a completely new appreciation of what they go through.  I suggest that anyone who says “they should just come here legally” go to another country and see how difficult that actually is.

New Digs

I spent 3 weeks staying with another American teacher, until I could get my own place. Now I’m living in a new city now.  Taicang is a more modern city than Kunshan, but smaller.  I have a tiny apartment all to myself.

There’s more stuff to talk about, but for now,  I’m going to leave it.


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