Images From My Morning Walk

I’ve started walking in the mornings again.  For the past couple weeks, I’d  go out one or two mornings a week and just walk in a random direction.  Not only do I get some exercise, but I explore the city a little and see what’s out there.  Yesterday, for instance, I found a small street with an Italian restaurant, a German restaurant, and a pizza joint.   I also found out that if you go all the way to the end of the riverside park, getting back to the road is a bit… interesting.  I was essentially walking through people’s driveways in the poorest part of the city I’ve ever seen.  So… no more going that far in the park.

On the 22nd, I walked 9.6km (6 mi).  Yesterday was 8.8km ( 5.5 mi).

Today I took a shorter version of the same walk; only 7km (4.3 mi).  I was exploring a different way to get out of the park I was in yesterday.  I’d like to do about 10km (6 mi) every morning.  I’m still working out the route that will get me to that point, but I’m definitely going to keep going through Riverside Park.   I’ll take my good camera one of these days when it’s not cloudy and foggy to get some good photos, but for today I pulled out my old cell phone and got the photos below (I use it as a GPS device now, it’s got a program for tracking my walks, telling me speed, calories burned, etc.).

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