Happy Halloween

A Chinese Halloween

Every week all the classes are based on a common theme.  Last week, for example, was “medicine”.  This week, it was “Halloween”. The Chinese know absolutely nothing about Halloween.  But, to be fair, we know absolutely nothing about the Mid-Autumn Festival.  For those  of us who grew up in the west, it’s easy to forget that Halloween is, at its heart, a religious holiday.  It’s origins are in Celtic religion, and it was co-opted by Christianity.

So… We spent the week talking about vampires, witches, jack o’ lanterns, and zombies. And, on Sunday night, we had a Halloween party.  There were treats, and (very small) pumpkin carving, and costumes, and games.    Oh…  and some drinking.  You can’t have a Halloween party with out a little booze.

Only a few people dressed up.    Perhaps the scariest was my roommate Patrick.  One of the students brought a long wig for him.  It looked so wrong.  🙂  Jessie wore her sarong from Nepal.  Apparently, red and green are never worn together in China.   I didn’t dress up (I had nothing to use as a costume, and my one idea–lumberjack–was shot down when all the flannel shirts disappeared from the department store), but I did have a lot of students ask to have their picture taken with me.  I think there might be a few crushes in the bunch.  🙂

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