Gone Walkabout


So… I’m in the 2nd  day of 3 days off in a row.   The weather has cooled down a bit, so I decided to go out for  walk and see what the neighborhood to the north is like.  Then I decided to extend the walk a abit… and I got all kinds of lost.  🙂

Below is a map of my walk (as best as I can figure it).  The bright read is the start of my walk (starting at the blue dot).  That’s about 7.5km.  I caught  a taxi for the next 3.5km (the green line), and had him drop me off at work.  I hopped in to get a drink of water, then walked the rest of the way home (another  1km).   So… a total distance of 12km, 8.5 of which I walked.  I think I managed to burn a few calories today.

kunshan map
How I got lost. Click for a bigger view

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