Dinner with the Gang

A couple nights ago, several of us went out to a small restaurant down the road from here.  Sherry took it upon herself to order for everyone.  There’s this thing about going out to eat in China–there’s no such thing as “just a little food”.    If they don’t have to stack plates on top of one another, then you haven’t ordered enough.  The photo below is just part of what was ordered.

Chinese food

The stuff at the bottom left is a sort of shrimp pastry; chopped shrimp wrapped in something like phylo dough, and deep fried. Very good.  To the right of that is shrimp in a spicy sauce.  They serve their shrimp with the shells on, so it’s always a big chore to eat them. Continuing counter-clockwise are some fried dumplings.  Also very good.  At the top is steamed brocolli with a soy sauce on it.  Quite tasty.  To the left of that is prickly pears with something in them.  I didn’t eat any of those, as I was getting full.

Now I would like to draw your attention to the plate at the center.  Those are eggs.  Yes… eggs.  The whites had the look and consistency of silicone caulk, and the yolks looked like something scraped off the bottom of a farmer’s shoe.  I have no idea what they tasted like.  I’m adventurous, but there are certain limits I just can’t cross.  That was on of them.

Oh… and to top off the night:

Chinese Budweiser
They MADE me drink it!

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