Busy Busy Busy

Yes, I know.  I haven’t been posting anything lately.  And I haven’t been returning e-mails.  I apologize.  The past 3 weeks have been very busy.   One of our American teachers  left on the 1st (his contract was up).  That means that the work of 3 teachers got pushed onto 2 of us.   To add to the burden, Jeffery was the teacher to reviewed and updated all of the lessons.  That task fell to me (for no extra pay).  That added several more hours of work to my schedule.  Then… one of the Chinese teachers left for 2 weeks, so the rest of us had to pick up some of that slack.

We had company for a week (the afore-mentioned Jeffery, who had to leave his company-supplied apartment, but couldn’t go to his new job for 5 days).   I’ve had several “networking dates” (going  out to dinner with people who have connections), I have side  projects that need my attention, I’m trying to walk 5km every day, and–to be perfectly honest–I’ve been treasuring my “me” time and ignoring the world.

We hired  a new English teacher (he’s actually English, not American, and has a very thick Liverpool accent), so a things are settling down a little bit.   Except, of course, that classes are getting bigger (that means more money for the school, so that’s good) and we’re about to hit summer–when all the high school and college students come in and the slow daytimes become very busy.


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