An American Holiday (by proxy)

Wednesday is Dragon Boat Festival here in China.  I’ve decided to turn it into an American holiday–by proxy.

I’ve invited some of the staff and a few students to come over and eat “American” food.

I had the weekend off (a rarity!) and took some time to go into Shanghai to the “City Shop”–a high-end grocery store that specializes in western items.  I bought ingredients to make lasagna (no ricotta, but I’ll make due with mozzarella and cheddar).  That’s the main dish.  I’ll cook that on Wednesday.

Other dishes will include:

  • Potato salad (already made, just needs some celery)
  • Bacon and broccoli pasta salad with cashews and craisens.   Okay… this one I had to do some serious modifications on .  No craisens, so I’m using dried mangoes instead.  No sour cream, so the dressing is only mayo.  It’s still waiting for the bacon–they had some in the C-store downstairs a couple days ago, but now it’s gone.  I’ll have to see if they have some at either of the big supermarkets.
  • Deviled eggs–eggs are cooked (in a great egg steamer I won at the annual company dinner), I’ll devil them tomorrow or Wednesday.
  • Stuffed mushrooms.  Shrimp, garlic, butter, and breadcrumbs chopped up fine, put in mushroom caps, and baked.
  • Cheese and crackers.  I have mozzarella (I’ll save a little bit out of the lasagna), cheddar, and blue.  They’re going to HATE the blue cheese.
  • Green olives.
  • I might make some chicken soup if I get bored.

I’ll try my best to get photos and post them after the dinner.

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