A Taste of Home

Crossing the river on Bailu Lu

I did a bit of searching online in the hopes of finding some cheese (it’s been 3 weeks since I left home, and I haven’t had *any* cheese).  One of the places that came up was the Oasis Bar.

It’s an “American” bar in the heart of Kunshan.  It’s a tiny little place in an ally off of Bailu Lu (Bailu Middle Road), about 2km from home.  Not too bad of a walk (especially now that I know where it is, and won’t be backtracking after wrong turns).

I sat and talked with an Irish businessman (who sounds more like he’s from Beloit instead of Belfast), had a couple pints of Guiness, and ate perhaps the best hamburger I’ve ever had (sorry, Annette).  They import the beef from Australia, and process it themselves on-site.  Absolutely delicious.

The place is tiny, but they have a pool table (free), a foosball game, and darts (I took a couple photos with my phone, but they didn’t turn out).  While they call themselves a “sports bar”, it’s more of a good old-fashioned pub that happens to have various sports playing on the TVs.  The stereo was playing, but was low enough that you could talk at a normal level and still be heard.  It ended up being a bit of an expensive night (about 170RMB, so just under $30), but it was definitely worth it.  I just might turn into a regular.

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