A Daunting Task

When I moved into the apartment I’m in, it hadn’t been cleaned.  They said that they’d send someone over, but they never did.  One of the bad things about this city is the dirt.  Like any city with an industrial sector, there’s a degree of air pollution that’s much higher than what I’m used to in Lodi (though the air here is still better than LA).

The place had sat empty for a while, so the dirt built up.  And it doesn’t look like the people that lived here before were all that aggressive about keeping things clean.  So… I’ve been slowly working on things.

The latest round of cleaning has been the windows–and all the other glass.  I tackle a few each day off.  Last week I did the sliding doors on the balcony one day, and the sliding doors in the dining room the other.  Today it was the windows in the kitchen and dining room.  Each piece of glass needs to be washed at least twice to get it to the point that it’s tolerable–not clean, mind you, just tolerable.  To give you an idea of the task:

  • 10 large windows (not including Patrick’s room)
  • 13 glass doors
  • 6 floor-to-ceiling book cases
  • 6 glass shelves
  • 4 glass cabinet doors
  • 1 glass divider wall
  • 1 architectural mirror

And that’s just downstairs.  Each of them needs to be cleaned at least twice just to get it down to the point of “having streaks and smudges”, and each one of those (except the mirror) needs to be washed on both sides.

6 of the windows are so bad that I will need to pull them out of the casements and go at them with some sort of industrial solvent (or, more likely, toothpaste and a scrub brush).

This is how I spend my days off.

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