A Chinese Wedding

She’s wearing 3″ heels

Today I got to attend a Chinese wedding.   It was for a friend of a friend.   I only got a few photos.

The bride (in either the wedding dress or the red dress) is Ruby.   The young lady in the short white dress is Red, a former student of mine.    A few things you’ll see:

1) There’s a fancy table filled with food and with 2 pillows in front of it.  That is a feast for their ancestors.  It’s traditional to put out food for those who have died.  I don’t know all the tradition behind it.

2) You’ll see several photos of the dinner table (I was invited to the “family room” instead of sitting out in the tent with the majority of the guests.  This is mostly because only 3 or 4 people spoke English, and they were all in the family room).  You’ll notice that the food is literally piling up.   The pictures are from lunch.  There was also dinner.   At the end of the meal, the plates are piled 4 or 5 high.  3 kinds of shrimp, 5 kinds of fish, 2 kinds of shell fish, 3 kinds of porks…. it just keeps going.

3) There’s a picture of Red with two older women.  The one next to her is her mother, and the on on the right is her great aunt.  I wanted to get a picture of her father, too, but he was busy serving the guests.  He’s a very handsome man with a smile as big as Red’s.  The entire family is under 5′ tall.   Red is even wearing heels.

4) You can’t see it in from the pictures, but the bride wears 3 different dresses.  1 for the lunch, one for the offering to the ancestors, and one for dinner.

5) In the last photo, you’ll see a few things on the bed.  One is a wide bowl with white balls in it.  Nobody could tell me what it’s for.  It’s just a tradition.  🙂  The other is a wooden “bucket”.  Guests put peanuts and eggs into it as a way to wish the new couple luck in have a son quickly.

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