Lodi Comes to China

Several weeks ago, the theme for the week was “coffee”.  Coffee is relatively new in China, and they really don’t have a good understanding of it.  There are Starbucks all over the place, but… well… Starbucks’ coffee is crap, and I’m ashamed that it’s the “coffee ambassador” from the US.

For Christmas, Mom sent me a package with 4 bags of Suzie the Duck Decaf from the Lodi Coffee Roaster.  On the Saturday of “Coffee Week”, I took to work a bag of coffee, my French press (the only way I have of making coffee), a couple loaves of bread, and some imported jam.

Everyone loved it.  Everyone was used to Starbucks, and they all said the same thing:  “Oh… this isn’t like Starbucks. This is good.”

I was too busy making and serving coffee to get many photos, but I did catch a couple.  The only one that really turned out is the one you see here.

So… John… if you ever want to expand, I know someone with an import license and access to 1.4 billion potential clients.

Why there are no Croatians in China

Miskulin (Mi shi ku lin) (迷失裤林) means…   “Lost pants forest”

I’ve been having fun with Google Translate, typing in variations of my name.  Chinese doesn’t have all the sounds and sound combinations that English does, so you have to use approximate sounds (like “mi shi ku lin” for “Miskulin”).  Some of the variations are really funny.