Flowery Magnificent Garden #5

Last week I moved into a new apartment.  It’s on the northern edge of town, right by the industrial zone where I do most of my work.   It’s in a development called “Hua Sheng Wu Yuan” (华盛五园).  It means something like “Flowery Magnificent #5 Garden”.

It’s a standard apartment block.  Nothing special.  It is, as these things go, fairly nice, however.  There are lots of trees and plants, plenty of parking, and a view of the canal (which… considering what’s in the canals here, probably isn’t a selling point).  What is a selling point is that it’s about 2.5 times as big as my last apartment, and 20% less rent.  I’ve got 2 bedrooms, a decent kitchen, a dining area, and a big open living room.  I’ve turned the smaller bedroom into an “office”.

One block to the west is a short road called Maotai Rd.  At night it turns into a conglomeration of street vendors selling all sorts of different foods from little carts and tents.  You can also shop for clothes, trinkets, DVDs, and other stuff.  It’s fun–the sort of “local color” that I love.

Below are a few shots of the apartment.  My bedroom is a mess, so no pictures of that.  🙂

A couple comments on the photos:

The shot of the bathroom light is to show the flashing red & blue lights at the end.  They flash randomly like police lights.  I have no clue why.

The picture of the glasses is because whenever I have guests over, they are surprised by all the different shapes of glasses I have.  When I explain that each one is for a different kind of drink, they’re slightly confused.  Here, a glass is a glass.

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