Fun With Traffic

During rush-hour, the police come out and assist with traffic control at some of the major intersections. This is the one right by my apartment. This officer is not typical. I do, however, enjoy watching him. It’s fun to see him do such a simple (and boring) task with military precision.

A Visit from Home

mattLast week I got to spend some time with an old friend.  Matt Forbeck is in Shanghai for two weeks working with a game company.  I’ve known Matt since we were about 12 years old and met at summer science camp.

We spent some time walking around People’s Square, then met up with a colleague of Matt’s who lives in Shanghai.  We went out for some great Hunan cuisine, then off to an American brew-pub, and finally to a bar specializing in pre-prohibition cocktails.

Good food, good drinks, and good company.  It was a great night.