Peaceful Protests

If you haven’t heard, there’s a bit of a political issue with a place called Diaoyu Island.  Both China and Japan claim to own it, and this week Japan bought the island from some private owners.  This has caused quite a stir.

Today there were two protests in my area:  a demonstration in the park across the street, and a march from the city center down a couple of the major streets.   Everything was peaceful and orderly.  Just chanting of slogans, displaying banners, and getting the word out.

While the police were on-hand in large numbers, they were mostly just standing on the sidewalk watching.  Or… marching in the protest.    A lot of people stopped to watch (and take photos), but there was no violence, or even threat of violence.   The only interaction I saw between police and anyone else was when a couple officers politely directed people on e-bikes up onto the sidewalk while the marchers were going by.   Otherwise, they just stopped traffic to the let marchers go by, or stood sipping tea and watching.


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If I Ever Write a Book…

If I ever write a book about my time in China, the title of it will be:

My Washing Machine Was a Boy Scout

And this will be the picture on the cover:

My Washing Machine Was a Boy Scout
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This is what my laundry looks like when it’s done washing.  The white and blue are cotton shirts, the brown is a pair of summer-weight pants.

Yes, they are, quite literally, tied in knots–some of Gordian complexity.   Considering that the machine has all the agitation of a sloth on Valium, I’m not quite sure how this happens.


Oh… and I don’t (yet) own an iron.