The Big Blue Room (and The Big Red Rock)

I’ve been feeling better the past two days, so I felt safe in going out with a friend today.   She invited me to go to the Forest Public Park (森林公园 ).   I’d never heard of it, but the taxi driver knew exactly where to go (even if his method of getting there seemed to involve death-defying feats).

We walked around for a while, then sat and played a few card games.  Oddly enough, it turns out that both American and China have a game called “Go Fish”.  They’re similar, but different enough to tell that they come from different cultures.

Then, back up for some more walking.  It was about 3 hours, altogether.  We probably walked about 2km, maybe a little more.

After that, I offered to buy a light lunch.  We decided to go to Ao Zao Noodle.  It’s at the end of the road I live on, it’s an historic restaurant (almost 150 years old), and I’ve wanted to eat there for a while.  Great!   … except… we get there and they don’t actually open for another half hour.  {sigh}  Oh well, another time.  We ended up eating at a tiny place down near my apartment.  Not bad.

Only 2 downsides to the afternoon–well… 1 downside with results in 2 places:

I am, once again, the forgetful idiot who doesn’t realize that a sunny day in March is still enough to give you a sunburn.   Especially if you’re bald and you don’t wear a hat.  So… my (rock-filled) head is a nice shiny shade of crimson this evening.  And… something that I don’t  think has ever happened before… my lips are sunburned.   Nothing serious in either area, just… weird.

So, crimson carapace notwithstanding, I mark this down as a really good day.

P.S.  No photos.  I deliberately left my camera at home, and I didn’t pull out my phone to take any either.  I was having a good time talking with a friend (who also happens to be a lovely lady) and I felt like just enjoying that.


Food poisoning sucks.

The resulting dehydration is pretty crappy, too.

Following it up with a full-body arthritis flare up, however, is just plain rude!